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@casespacked: Sharing snapshots of our time in Laos. See what's behind the scenes! #travel #laos

Sep 20 2017

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Couldn't resist sharing another shot of Penang Hill. Here's where the funicular travels! It's so steep, have you been on ...

We're talking about visiting Penang Hill over on the blog. With views like this, you won't want to miss out! ...

I'll never tire of admiring these tiles, found everywhere in Penang. Can my house have this floor please?

The marble mountains in Danang were so fun to explore! Visiting the caves honestly felt like we were in an ...

@casespacked: A pal of ours is producing a #beer and #culture mag out of beautiful #Barcelona! Super cool! Being kickstarted now:

Sep 20 2017

Current Location: Back in the UK

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