We landed in Thailand excited to explore and hop around the country for a month! Arriving first in Krabi, we stayed a couple of nights to ease ourselves in, check out our first thai markets, and then book a boat over to our first island, Ko Lanta. Located in the Andaman sea, it was the perfect island for us – quiet, laid back, and most importantly, a sandy beach to relax on!

Bungalow Living

We spent three nights at Mook Lanta Eco Resort. We had a bungalow on stilts sitting over some slightly swampy and mosquito filled water. It was clean and spacious, and had two good fans to keep us cool. The bed was as hard as a rock but surprisingly we both slept really well! Mook Lanta resort was pretty, reasonably priced, and close to a good choice of restaurants and bars. We’d recommend it!

Long Beach

Our closest beach was Long Beach, or Phra Ae. We were situated at the southern end of the beach, where it was quite rocky and not really suitable to relax. A short walk further up the beach and over the rocks lead to a much nicer stretch. We spent a day here, swimming in the amazingly warm sea and soaking up the sun! It was hard to stay out in the heat for more than a few hours, so we quickly retreated down the beach for mango shakes in the shade to cool off.

There were a fair few bars dotted along the beach, each offering a view of the sunset in the evening. We stopped by a couple of different bars on different nights, enjoying a Chang or two each as the sun went down. It was a little cloudy so not the perfect sunset, but still incredibly pretty!


4 Islands Boat Tour

We booked on a longtail 4 island boat tour through our hotel, and were promptly picked up at 8am whilst still trying to eat breakfast. A great start to the day! After being dropped off at where we were picking our boat up from, we were stranded for an hour because our guide had forgotten the snorkelling masks. During our wait a wild goat appeared and freaked everyone out for a bit, followed by a chicken, several dogs, and a cat. Eventually we were on the boat and making our way to our first spot.


There was ample time for snorkelling, which I did, and Adam had a go at but wasn’t a big fan being a non-swimmer. I got to see a lot of brightly coloured fish which was fun! I also did my usual trick of accidentally swallowing 5 litres of sea water through the snorkel tube because I’m an idiot. Both spots we snorkelled at were nice, although in the first island a lot of the coral was dead. They also got us to jump into the ocean, not telling us that we were directly near the coral, so we both ended up with grazed feet. Doh! A few people on our boat got stung by sea urchins, too, but we were lucky.

Moving swiftly on to our next island, the engine broke down in the middle of the sea. Great! We were sat bobbing in the ocean for half an hour or so whilst the driver and guide fixed the boat. Can’t say it was the most fun part of the day. We then eventually headed for the Emerald Cave, our third island.

Cave Swimming

The sea was quite choppy when we got to the cave, and I was not looking forward to going through it. Life jacket on and secured, I braved the swim and made it through to the other side! It was quite tough as there was a bit of a current in places, and there’s about 30 seconds of swimming in complete pitch black. It was like being at a water park and it all going horribly wrong…

Despite the scary swim, the little secluded beach was cool, and there weren’t too many other tour groups there so it was nice and quiet. We stood and took it in for a few minutes before swimming as quickly as humanly possible out of the cave and back to the boat.

A second ocean engine break down and lunch on the boat later, we stopped at the last beach for a short while. Ko Ngai was so pretty and we wished we’d had more time here to hang out, but it was time to head back to the mainland. We were quite glad in the end as it had been a long day, and although we got to see some pretty islands and spend time out on the water, it wasn’t exactly as we’d expected. We felt like we spent more time being ferried between islands than actually doing any activity, and having to wait an extra hour in the morning wasn’t so fun either. Nevertheless, for £20 each you can’t really go wrong and we did enjoy our day out. An interesting experience!

Farewell to Lanta

We really enjoyed our three nights on Ko Lanta. Although brief, we felt like we had enough time to take it all in and enjoy island life before going back to a big city. Long beach was the right choice for us, there were plenty of bars/food/fun without being too crazy. We managed to top up our tans so we no longer look so pasty – yay! We booked a minibus to Trang after the island, where we spent a night before boarding the sleeper train to Bangkok. No more beach time for us in the near future! Stay tuned for more Thailand posts.