We're Adam and Daisy, two bloggers who
share a love of discovering new places,
and revisiting old favourites

Sharing our adventures with a whole new audience!

With several trips under our belts already, and many more planned, we’ve decided to take diary notes and journal scribbles one step further and give travel blogging a shot. With adventure and uncertainty ahead of us, we hope you’ll join us on our travels to exciting destinations across the globe.


Web designer and developer by trade, he designed and built the site! Adam enjoys:

  • Eating pastries at all hours of the day
  • Walking until his shoes fall apart
  • Being far too relaxed about whether we’re travelling the right way on the subway or not
  • Diving through antiques shops and fairs, buying unnecessary glassware


A scenic artist and prop maker, in her spare time an illustrator, keen cook and sewist! Daisy enjoys:

  • Cycling european cities
  • Finding the best local places to eat
  • Vintage and Antique Shopping
  • Walking until her shoes fall apart
  • Obsessively researching public transport

@casespacked: NEW POST! Talking about our day trip to York, featuring some seriously tasty food! Read more to find out...… https://t.co/8Dp4Qtvyk5

Jan 21 2018

Current Location: Back in the UK

A Random Selection

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It’s crazy to think how long ago this was now, when it still feels like it was yesterday. ...

Throwing it back to Singapore again and this shot of Marina Bay Sands featuring an old dude on a bike! ...

Reminiscing and giving friends travel tips about Singapore is really making us miss this beautiful country!

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